COSY 001:


Cosy Den goes lägenhet ett år (apartment club compilation)

cd-r album

Release date: 05.07.30.

100 numbered copies

Design: Christian Olofsson

Sold out





01. Le Futur Pompiste - Bergsjön*

02. Cats On Fire - Never land here (acoustic version)*

03. Spakur, Aggro & Kryptonite - Städa (Cuts: DJ Akilles)

04. Las Palmas - The Jens*

05. Robert Svensson - This movie sucks*

06. Mattias Alkberg Tre - Sture Bergman*

07. A Hawk And A Hacksaw - A hard row to hoe

08. We Are Soldiers We Have Guns - The ego is a tricky business*

09. Laurel Music - Stolen love

10. All Of My Brother’s Girlfriends - Breakfast

11. Thehelpmeplease - Bumblebee (original Falu version)*

12. Jana Hunter - Heartseeker’s safety den

13. Viking Moses - Crosses

14. Mats Jonsson - Tiffany Zeit-Geist (live at Cosy Den)*

15. Springfactory - Get out of bed (live at Cosy Den)*

16. Sibiria - Jag minns bara när du plågade mig (live at Cosy Den)*

17. Suburban Kids With Biblical Names - Love will (live at Cosy Den)*

18. Paddington Distortion Combo - Ways to go*

19. Eurosport - Shaking a lot (domino edit)*


*exclusive for this record





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