COSY 012:


THE BUDGIES - Teatercaféet

cd-r album

Release date: 08.06.25.

300 numbered copies

Design: Karin Ringqvist

Photos: Jenny Åkesson

Drawings: Kajsa Tretow and Karin Ringqvist

60 SEK





01. Boy on a bike

02. The theatre café

03. Summer come back!

04. I love you (so what should I do?)

05. X-ray boy

06. Secret wish

07. Train song

08. Midweek nights


Bonus material:


09. Lucky Sunday*

10. Think small*

11. Greenhouse song*

12. Winter depresson*

13. My heart is broken**

14. Humblepie**

15. Friends in literature**

16. Que vuelvas de Londres**

17. Dream***

18. Tonight I don’t want to see my friends***


* Summertime obsessions (Popkonst, 2005)

** Humblepie EP (self-released, 2005)

*** Previously unreleased





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